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About Us

Pavilion Nursery is a 30-place setting offering a variety of day care for children ages 2-5 years and is committed to its all inclusive policy. The Nursery staff are qualified Early Years Practitioners and highly experienced in this field. They are led by the Manager who holds a degree in Early Years Education and has Professional Person Status. The staff team consists of eight full-time staff and our Nursery Cook. The whole team share in the delivery of our policies and curriculum, and are committed to participate in on-going training in order to achieve this. The Nursery is regulated by Ofsted and uses the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) from Birth to Five Framework as a statutory guidance. 


The Nursery recognises the great importance of helping your child get ready for school as well as for their future learning and successes. The aim of our curriculum is to offer children carefully planned rich and stimulating experiences through play, making learning fun and exciting. Staff will do this by observing children at play, planning and evaluating. The children are encouraged to integrate and mix by use of free-flow play indoors and out. We use a range of different teaching methods, with a balanced mixture of activities; some adult-led, some child-initiated. We provide a safe and caring environment and aim to promote politeness and good behaviour, offering the children guidance and support to grow their social skills, confidence and independence. 


Every child that attends the Nursery is assigned a key person. This key person works with parents and shares their knowledge through their child's profile. Each child's development record includes written observations, examples of their work, and shows their achievements and next steps for learning. The key person collaborates with parents to set tailored targets for each child to achieve every term.


Pavilion Nursery (Catford) Limited  | Registered in England and Wales | Registration No. 8438983 

Registered Premises: Pavilion Nursery (Catford) Ltd., The Pavilion (1st Floor), Catford Cricket Club, Penerley Road, Catford SE6 2LQ