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Services & Facilities

Pavilion Nursery (Catford) Limited  | Registered in England and Wales | Registration No. 8438983 

Registered Premises: Pavilion Nursery (Catford) Ltd., The Pavilion (1st Floor), Catford Cricket Club, Penerley Road, Catford SE6 2LQ


The Nursery operates from a two-storey building (formerly a cricket pavilion) in a residential street within walking distance from the heart of Catford. The Nursery has use of the whole of the first-floor, comprising of three playrooms, children's toilets and staff facilities. Children move throughout the setting during the day and  family-grouping is implemented whereby children are not separated at play by age. 

The Nursery offers a large enclosed area to the rear, which includes fixed play 

equipment and an outside classroom to enable outdoor play in all weathers.

The Nursery kitchen is located on the ground floor. In its own grounds, the 

Nursery is set away from traffic and has excellent pick-up and drop-off facilities. 



            We offer parents the following day-care attendance for their child:

A full-time place (Mon-Fri) 8.00 am to 6.00 pm

Full day (specific days)                      8.00 

Morning sessions                               8.00

Afternoon sessions                            


For current fee tariffs please contact us.


Free Entitlement (15 and 30 hours Goverment Funded for Eligible children aged 2,3 & 4 years)

            Places available with funding stretched over the year or term time only. Please contact the Nursery for more information.  


Please note we offer the Free Entitlement sessions only or as an option alongside our extended childcare provision. For further information and availability please contact us.


Eating at Nursery

            Full Time and Full Day tariffs are inclusive of all meals and snacks. Lunch time at Nursery is a very social occasion. Staff and children enjoy lunch together, encouraging children to try new foods and eat independently. Children are offered a breakfast followed by a mid-morning healthy snack and a two-course meal for lunch. A light tea is served mid-afternoon and a late snack is offered just before the day ends. Children attending the morning session will recieve the breakfast and mid-morning snack; children attending the afternoon session will receive afternoon tea and late snack. We ensure that fresh fruit and vegetables are part of our daily menu.

            All meals are freshly prepared by our very experienced on-site Nursery Cook. Meals are well-balanced and nutritious, avoiding any processed foods. Our menu is reviewed each term using feedback from children, parents and staff. Our cook can cater for any dietary requirements, including food allergies or religious dietary needs. 

Drinks of milk or water are available to the children throughout the day.


Settling your child into Nursery

            Parents and their children are encouraged to attend a minimum of three 

one-hour visits to familiarise themselves with the Nursery and staff before their 

starting date. Additional settling-in visits can be arranged if necessary. These 

visits are free of charge and will be arranged upon acceptance of placement. 

During these visits you and your child will be introduced to their Key Person. 

Parents can also take this opportunity to read the Nursery Policies and Statements.